Due to illness and age, some of our owners are wishing to dispose of their week(s) ownership in the Oasis Lanz complex.

If you are interested in acquiring a week, contact the secretary who will forward your interest onto the owner(s) concerned.


The support group was founded in the late 90s when it was felt that the existing management company did not provide sufficient information to owners. In addition with the matter of lost or mislaid deeds becoming an issue an active owners’ group was felt to be the way forward.

Current membership stands at over 350.

An active committee comprising of a Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer plus 2 committee members are engaged in working on behalf of the membership.

Now more than ever is there a need for a pro-active body that exists to help owners overcome some of their problems. To this end the group have engaged the services of a solicitor, specialising in timeshare ownership, to help sort out an issues. The group have a client account which is available for members to ask questions free of charge.

The group also nominates a representative to stand for election on to the resort’s management board.

The link below is to a calendar showing the dates relating to week numbers for Oasis Lanz Club up to the year 2042. It is in .pdf format so you will need Adobe Reader installed on your computer to view it and you can download this by clicking on the Adobe logo:

Calendar of Owners Weeks